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Best of WVR #206

Floor Sign I’ve been falling massively behind with the WVRs. I’m still not settled into the school groove, and my time is being spent elsewhere… But here’s the missing one from three weeks ago.

Best of WVR #205

Cyber Thunder Cider VY1 has herself her first #1 spot. Good job! To catch up from last week, I watched two WVRs back-to-back. Good stuff. …And where did Miku Miku ni Shiteageru come from?

Best of WVR #204

Philosophy of Precious Love Sorry about the lack of updates over the past week. Real Life intervened.

Best of WVR #203

Yakusoku I didn’t particularly care for ANY of the top 30 this week, but I really liked the ED. So there you go.

Best of WVR #202

Salvage Those are some instruments.

Best of WVR #201

Blue Blue Blue And I apologize for the black embedded player. YouTube went and changed everything without asking me first. I’m trying to find a way to put it back without having to modify the embed options for every single video.

Best of WVR #200

【初音ミク】ハッピーラッキーアンホリデーマンデー【オリジナルPV】 I have like… no idea. 200th WVR! Hooray!

Best of WVR #199

I Shortest title ever.

Best of WVR #198

I Time-Slipped when I Chopped a Stag Beetle That has to be the awesomest title ever. Also, needs subs. Badly. One year ago this week, Mozaik Role propelled GUMI to the #1 spot. So even though it popped out of the top 30 this week, I got to hear it in the “This Week […]

Best of WVR #197

Only Lonely Room Very nice.