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Best of WVR #196

Labyrinth Gakupo! It’s been a while… Pretty solid week this week. 17 (more than half) of the top songs were new.

Best of WVR #195

The Blind You Gumi’s birthday was on Sunday. But no new Gumi songs appeared in the ranking this week. This should have been.

Best of WVR #194

Encryption – D I wonder why AVTechNO doesn’t use a picture when he puts his songs on YouTube. They have pictures on NicoNico.

Best of WVR #193

Lily – Prototype I like having the “This Week in History” segment back. I missed it.

Best of WVR #192

Hiatus After a very extended… er… hiatus… Sippotan is back at the helm! And so the WVR returns to normal.

Best of WVR #191

Ten no Jaku 164. Yes.

Best of WVR #190

Borderline Celestia Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccee!

Best of WVR #189

Handwritten Map About time we had another really great VY1 song.

Best of WVR #188

498 Mozaik Role was bumped off this week. 42 straight weeks in the top 30 ain’t a bad record, though. Meanwhile, a new wowaka song got 1.6 million points. New world record. Oh well, at least this one’s better than the last one.

Best of WVR #187

Rabugenomikusu You know those weeks where I don’t have anything particularly interesting to say? This is one of those weeks.