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Last week’s webomic was from Alaska, but this week’s is a little closer to home. Well, my home anyway. Sandusky takes place in Arizona, not a long way from my place. It’s about a mountain lion, who mysteriously shows up at the door of somebody’s apartment, in a basket. As you might be able to […]

The Whiteboard

Today, I’m talking about The Whiteboard, Alaska’s Coolest Paintball Webcomic! As is implied by the tagline, it involves paintball. If you’re like me, and you’ve never played paintball, don’t worry. The comic is still great fun. We’ve got a polar bear who loves to build stuff that messes with the fabric of space-time, and also […]

Darths and Droids

Darths and Droids is what you would call a ‘screencap comic’. It takes screenshots from Star Wars, and makes a comic out of them. The basic premise is, Star Wars as we know it doesn’t exist. Instead, it is a Dungeons and Dragons campaign where the players have gone completely away from the DM’s planned […]

Kitty Hawk

Breaking the trend of comix from RH Junior… This week, I’m talking about the new kid on the block. Kitty Hawk (The rhyme was totally unintentional. I swear.) It’s currently set in 1933, and we have a young pilot, pre-war US, and Nazi rocketmen. Sounds good already, don’t it? Here’s a snippet from the storyline […]

Nip an’ Tuck

For this week’s Webcomix with the X, I have selected Nip an’ Tuck, written by the same guy who makes Tales of the Questor, which I talked about last week. N&T is about two brothers, Nip and Tuck Todd, who live on a farm in Malarkey County, somewhere in the South. Nip is adventurous, and […]

Tales of the Questor

Surprise! Another new column today, where I go around writing reviews of the webcomics I read. (Or if the opportunity arises, make fun of them. XD ) What will this new column be called? Well, isn’t it obvious? Webcomix with the X. :D (Go on, tell me that’s not a cool name. I dare you.) […]