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Whaleware 3.0

Instead of Flash this semester, I’m enrolled in a HTML Web Design class. And in keeping a promise I made a while back, I present y’all with… The Official Whaleware Website! XHTML-compliant, CSS styling, and all that jazz! *dreads having to fix up the X-Net website to be standards-compliant…*

Return to Bazoik

Earlier today, I became aware of a new Chex Quest mod project called Chex Quest: Return to Bazoik. The creator, LegoexpertSSF, asked me for help with some FraggleScripting, and I happily obliged. (I like passing my knowledge on to the next-gen modders. :D ) Anyway, so I’m out here to spread the word. Now all […]

Happy Birthday, Miku!

お誕生日おめでとうミク! That’s right, on this day, two years ago, Hatsune Miku was first released. So, happy birthday Miku! May you gain even more popularity before your third birthday!

The Eagle Has Landed

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Man stepping for the first time on the Lunar surface. Needless to say, that’s a big event. First Moon Landing 1969 I hope NASA’s Constellation program takes off (pun entirely intended) soon, and we go back to the Moon, and eventually Mars. Because I like Mars. They make good […]

Because Things Like This Are Funny


Deathnote Fortress

Deathnote Fortress (Light says LOL) Look, a new video from me! This time, I took clips of Death Note, an anime series that I watched recently, and stuck voice clips from Team Fortress 2 on them. It’s funny. “That Yagami is a Spy!”

Meet the Negative Sniper

Meet the Negative Sniper Over the past two days, I helped my brother to make this.

Time Travelers Beware!

Repost from TwentySided. I won’t do a direct copypasta, since you can just read it from the link there. But the basic thing is, if you go back in time, no matter how small an event you change, it will result in drastic differences in the progression of future events. Since I love to overthink […]

This was a Triumph

I’ve officially finished my Flash course in college, and have released my final project. Way back in the middle of the semester, I was already planning for it. It had to be something epic, that could be done within the span of a few months. I figured I would try my hand at lip syncing […]

Free Man

The mighty Squirrelking has published the fourth (and apparently final) chapter of the epic Full Life Consequences series! Halflife Fulllife Consequences: Free Man I couldn’t find an audio recording of the story, so I immediately set out to remedy the situation. And here it is: My recording of FLC4!