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Strawberry Marshmallow

Strawberry Marshmallow is another school life comedy, all about comedic situations rather than an overall storyline. However, instead of high school girls, this time we have elementary school girls. And one college girl.

Nobue Ito is the eldest of the group. (By far. She is twenty.) She is Chika’s older sister, but all the girls call her Nobue Onee-chan. (Big Sister Nobue.) She usually holds the final authority on things. She smokes a lot, (which isn’t good for your health either,) and often ‘borrows’ money from her sister to buy cigarettes. Her weakness is the girls doing something cute. Nobue is defenseless against the powers of cute girls.

Chika Ito is twelve. She is more sensible than the other girls, and is very good at cooking. Cookies especially.

Miu Matsuoka is also twelve, and a troublemaker. Miu likes saying random things out of the blue, and playing pranks. However, she is often interrupted by Nobue, ending up out for the count face-down on the floor.

Matsuri Sakuragi is eleven, and a very timid glasses-wearing girl with a pet ferret named John. She is often the subject of Miu’s teasing, and resorts to crying and hiding behind Nobue.

Ana Coppola is an eleven-year-old British girl. She moved to Japan from Cornwall, England five years before the series started, and has forgotten how to speak English in the meantime. Matsuri befriends her, and they try to learn English together.

Overall, I have to say that my favorite character is Nobue, as she’s really the only character I can relate to. You know, being a college student and all. But unlike her, I don’t have four silly girls following me around everywhere. I doubt I could stand it.

And now for your funny video of the day:

Ichigo Mashimaro Prelude

I guess this was a trailer or something that aired before the series. Good stuff!

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