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Love is War

Today, another Vocaloid song.

Love is War

Love is War is a Miku song. And it’s about a girl who loves a guy, but he doesn’t love her, and loves somebody else instead. And she wants him to notice her.

It’s one of those songs that you would call ‘ultra-famous’. And not without reason. It’s truly an epic song. One guy called it epic, who’s not normally even a Vocaloid fan at all.

And it being so popular, there have been numerous remakes done. Either by other Vocaloids, or even real people. My favorite is this one:

Love is War – Nico Nico Chorus

It’s a group song. With seven people singing it. And their singing is outright stunning.

And the scream. Oh gosh, the scream… It has a good chance of holding the title for the Most Awesome Sound in the History of Sounds.

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