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The World of Skyrim

The World of Skyrim Three days. Count ’em. Three.

The Imperial Guard Song

icarusfoundyou – The Imperial Guard Song Skyrim comes out in four days.

Best of WVR #213

Capriccio Farce I have an excuse for being late. I’m sick.

Star Fortress VI

Star Fortress VI : TEASER TRAILER Logical.

Uu~ Uu~

After posting a ton of remixes of Flandre’s theme last Halloween, I obviously need to give Remilia the same treatment this year. Septette for the Dead Princess I really like Remilia’s theme. It’s definitely one of the better themes in Touhou. Elegant and charismatic. Arranges after the break.

Best of WVR #212

Dream Crow Shadow Done a full 24 hours before the appointed time. BOOYEAH!

Sputnik Vs. Vanguard

Sputnik Vs. Vanguard The little-known history of the early satellites.


Nightcore – Zombie II Catchy as all get out.

Best of WVR #211

Next Stage I was playing Deus Ex yesterday. So there was no WVR.

Physics Broke

Quantum Levitation I found a bug in the physics engine. Call QA.