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After posting a ton of remixes of Flandre’s theme last Halloween, I obviously need to give Remilia the same treatment this year.

Septette for the Dead Princess

I really like Remilia’s theme. It’s definitely one of the better themes in Touhou. Elegant and charismatic. Arranges after the break.

Liz Triangle – Tribute to the Red Rose Serenade

Ominous chanting always makes things more epic, yeah?

Kitsune Workshop – Septette for the Dead Princess

Symphonic. And epic. And stuff.

Aojiru – The Young Descendant of Tepes

This is a combination of Septette and the stage theme. And it’s BLOODY AWESOME.

WAVE – Dectet, Nonet, Octet

WAVE consistently makes epic stuff. I approve of them.

Minami – Accept Bloody Fate

This came on the Jeux Interdits album from IOSYS. I actually liked this one better than Jeux Interdits.

Takumi Inohaya – Septette for the Dead Princess

Nothing to do with the song, but I really like that picture. And the song.

Sing, R. Sing! – Septette for the Dead Princess

This one is all happy and nice.

Morrigan – Septette for the Dead Princess

Less happy-sounding, but awesome.

Tsukasa – Seek Your Mind

Aki Misawa’s vocals impressed me greatly.

zikee – Requiem For A Nightmare

The low piano that comes about a minute in made me think of the Hexen soundtrack.

Mohican Sandbag – Descendants of Manson

You should all know that I absolutely love Mohican Sandbag. If you don’t, you haven’t been paying attention.

UI-70 – Septette for the Dead Princess

And finally, we have the ULTIMATE remix of Septette for the Dead Princess. I was extremely tempted to not link any other songs and just have this one. After you’ve heard the intro to this one, all others suddenly become superfluous. (To be honest, the awesomeness of the Mohican Sandbag one is the only reason I didn’t do that.)

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