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Record of Lodoss War

Record of Lodoss War came out in 1990, thus taking the crown of the oldest anime I have watched thus far. It was introduced to me as “basically Dungeons & Dragons: The Anime”. And that’s quite true. Parn is a fighter, and he rushes into things too much. Really, Parn. Running at your enemy while […]



Best of WVR #148

The Endless Love Good Vocatrance is good. Very good. Mozaik Role dropped down to #4 this week. I guess a three-peat was too much to ask for, huh? Gumi’s older brother Gakupo had the spotlight this week. I didn’t particularly like the song, though… Oh well, that’s just me. His birthday was also on the […]

Cromartie High School

Cromartie High is just about he best darn comedic show I’ve ever seen. Everything in this show seems geared specifically towards me. Rampant randomness, deadpan humor, general awesomeness. The over-the-top dramatic art style only serves to increase its power level. Takashi Kamiyama has just enrolled in high school. Not just any high school, Cromartie High […]

Epic Snail

Epic Snail And so, the snail set out on his fateful journey… To rid the land of the evil slugs that had enslaved most of his people… And avenge his family, whom he didn’t even know whether they were alive or dead…