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Best of WVR #148

The Endless Love

Good Vocatrance is good. Very good.

Mozaik Role dropped down to #4 this week. I guess a three-peat was too much to ask for, huh?

Gumi’s older brother Gakupo had the spotlight this week. I didn’t particularly like the song, though… Oh well, that’s just me. His birthday was also on the 31st. I forgot. T_T

In other news, Magnet and Just Be Friends have been taken off of Nico Nico until further notice. (Set to private–not deleted outright) From what I gather, the PV artist has been accused of using stock photos when she was drawing the art, and didn’t pay for the photos. I guess? I don’t know enough details to be able to have any opinion on this. I’ll wait until things settle down a little.

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