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Record of Lodoss War

Record of Lodoss War came out in 1990, thus taking the crown of the oldest anime I have watched thus far. It was introduced to me as “basically Dungeons & Dragons: The Anime”. And that’s quite true.

Parn is a fighter, and he rushes into things too much. Really, Parn. Running at your enemy while screaming at the top of your lungs works sometimes, but you could at least try something different.

Deedlit is an elf. She uses elementals and spirits to do magic and stuff. She also kinda likes Parn.

Etoh is Parn’s best friend and a cleric priest of Falis.

Slayn is a magician. He has a staff that does stuff.

Ghim is a gruff but lovable dwarf, as dwarves usually are. He has an axe that thinks it’s a boomerang. Try adding -li on the end of his name for giggles.

Woodchuck is a thief. He’s sneaky.

There, you see? It looks like any standard D&D adventuring party.

Though I did have a hard time taking the villain Wagnard seriously. I swear he looks exactly like Evil Spock. Goatee and all.

Record of Lodoss War Abridged 1


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