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Cromartie High School

Cromartie High is just about he best darn comedic show I’ve ever seen. Everything in this show seems geared specifically towards me. Rampant randomness, deadpan humor, general awesomeness. The over-the-top dramatic art style only serves to increase its power level.

Takashi Kamiyama has just enrolled in high school. Not just any high school, Cromartie High School. Cromartie is famous for being full of delinquent tough guys. But Takashi, being rather normal, is seen as the toughest guy of all, because only an extremely tough rabbit would lie down in a den of lions.

Shinjiro Hayashida is the first friend that Takashi makes at Cromartie. He has a purple mohawk.

Akira Maeda claims he has never lost a fight, and says he even won a 5-on-1 fight. Everyone ignores him because he lacks a nickname.

Freddie is a suspenders-wearing awesome guy who never talks. He rides to school on a horse.

Gorilla is a… gorilla… who goes to Cromartie. He is smarter than the rest of the guys, and is an excellent sushi chef.

Shinichi Mechazawa is suspected to be a robot. However, nobody besides Takahi and Shinjiro notice, including Mechazawa himself.


This was the very first thing I ever saw from Cromartie High. After I saw this, I immediately said, “I. MUST. WATCH. THIS. ANIME.” So I did.

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