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Manjuu Aren’t Scary At All

EastNewSound – Rot in hell !! Kyu kyu kyu. This isn’t ENS’s best U.N. Owen remix. Although, that’s like saying Inception wasn’t Christopher Nolan’s best movie. tl;dr: FREAKING AWESOME

Mann vs. Machine

Mann vs. Machine The update that has been speculated about for over two years is coming out tomorrow. Truly, we live in the future.

Carmack’s Keynote 2012

QuakeCon 2012 – John Carmack Keynote 3 1/2 hours. Holy cow. I think that’s a record. I always like watching Carmack’s talks. He’s not afraid to talk about the gritty technical details that normal people don’t understand. And someday, I’ll make it to QuakeCon.

Heavy Arm Wrestling

Heavy Arm Wrestling Intense.

Practical Problems

Practical Problems This one’s really good.

Heavy looses an IQ

Heavy looses an IQ There are just a few Meet the Heavy parodies.


How HL2: Ep. 3 will end SPOILER ALERT!

Make Heavy a Pizza

Make Heavy a Pizza The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis. This game was my childhood.

I Think About Stuff

Rhett & Link – Thoughtful Guy I think about the color thing a lot. My wife insists that the cupboard interiors are green, when they’re clearly grey.

Spy Meets a Duck