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The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

Just a quick note, there probably won’t be many reviews this time around. I haven’t been feeling motivated enough to watch a whole lot of shows… That said, anime ho! To kick off this season, we have a movie I’ve been waiting for over a year to see. Disappearance was announced at the conclusion of […]

The Most Bestest Animes of All Tiem

I think I’ve seen enough animes by now to be able to make a list of favorites, yeah? (And another cool and/or funny video to go along with them, since a lot of my original ones have been removed from Youtube…)

The Most Bestest OPs of All Tiem

I wanted to list both my favorite animes as well as the OPs. Since the two do not necessarily overlap, I’m making two posts. In order to put the list of actual animes on Thursday, I’m putting my favorite OPs here today. Sugar: A Little Snow Fairy Eheheheh… The rest after the break.

Within the Fissure

Alas, the time has come again to wrap up another season of Xbolt’s Anime Reviews by posting a few words about all the openings. Ghost in the Shell – I don’t really know what to say about this… It’s… Enchanting. Full Metal Panic! (Fumoffu? and TSR) – Not too bad. Of the three, I like […]


Now with twice as many exclamation points!! K-ON!! is, quite obviously, the sequel to K-ON!. I knew by the end of the first season that there would be a sequel. It just didn’t feel complete yet. Naturally, I was right. The first season was about the girls’ first two years of high school, and the […]

Rebuild of Evangelion

I caved. I wasn’t originally going to watch the new remake of NGE, since the original wasn’t exactly my thing. But I ended up watching it anyway… Oh well. Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone is the first in a series of four films that retell the story told in NGE. This first film is […]


I went to see Inception last month. And I thought it was a very nice piece of work. The premise alone was very interesting. A few weeks later, I watched Paranoia Agent. And that was cool. Then, I looked at what else the director had done. Paprika came up, and after reading the premise, I […]

Touhou Project Side Story

Touhou Project Side Story is a Touhou anime that was released in 2007, predating A Summer Day’s Dream by a year. Unlike A Summer Day’s Dream, which was exceptionally good for a doujin product, TPSS should have had the subtitle “How Not To Make An Anime”. Bad character designs, worse animation, laughable special effects, a […]

Paranoia Agent

Paranoia Agent starts out like your typical detective story: A series of attacks by a mysterious assailant, known only as “Shounen Bat”. As Bat-Boy beats up more people with his golden bat, then rollerblades away from the scene, two detectives are on the case. And then, the story takes a turn for the weird. Somewhere […]

Summer Wars

In the near future, the Internet has grown into a huge virtual world called the World of OZ. In OZ, users create avatars to represent themselves, and do stuff. Shop, game, etc. Companies and governments have also set up shop in OZ, so it is connected to much of the world’s infrastructure, for ease of […]