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For New Year’s, I stayed up watching Air until midnight. Air was the last of the “Key Three”, three animes based on visual novels by Key Visual Arts. Kanon and Clannad were the other two. The story is about Yukito Kunisaki, who travels around doing a neat puppet show, and lives off of the generosity […]

Breaking News

Shattered Horizon “Breaking News” Uh oh. That can’t be good. This video really makes me wish that Shattered Horizon had an epic singleplayer story campaign. It’s got the potential there. The game is set 40 years in the future, and man is mining material from the Moon. However, a disastrous mining accident (pictured above) blew […]


Since the New Years 2010 Vocaloid Review Bonanza is over, I decided to start a new column today to replace it. Every Friday, I’m going to post my favorite new song from that week’s Weekly Vocaloid Ranking. The WVR is a list of the week’s most popular Vocaloid songs on Nico Nico. (This’ll also free […]

Vocaloid in Review – Day 11: Covers

Welcome to 2010! Hard to believe that the future has arrived, isn’t it? I finished off 2009 with a whole bunch of Vocaloid songs, and now I’m going to begin this year with a whole bunch of human covers of Vocaloid songs. Miku Miku ni Shiteageru (Ichigo) – Miku Miku was never one of my […]