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Uh oh. That can’t be good.

This video really makes me wish that Shattered Horizon had an epic singleplayer story campaign. It’s got the potential there. The game is set 40 years in the future, and man is mining material from the Moon. However, a disastrous mining accident (pictured above) blew apart much of the Moon. Astronauts from the International Space Agency became trapped on the ISS, and they’re supposed to apprehend the guys from the Moon Mining Cooperative, who caused the accident. The MMC on the other hand, don’t like that idea, and an armed conflict starts.

Good stuff, but it gets lost when you’re in the game. It’s just another thing where the blue guys are fighting the yellow guys. HOWEVER, the gameplay makes up for that. I love the zero-g, mostly because it is difficult to stay oriented. I love challenging my grasp of 3D space like that. But still, a long singleplayer campaign with puzzles and stuff would be totally win.

On a side note, I immediately drew connections with both Cowboy Bebop (exploding Moon) and Planetes (in space no one can hear you scream).

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