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For New Year’s, I stayed up watching Air until midnight. Air was the last of the “Key Three”, three animes based on visual novels by Key Visual Arts. Kanon and Clannad were the other two.

The story is about Yukito Kunisaki, who travels around doing a neat puppet show, and lives off of the generosity of the people who watch. He’s traveling around because he wants to find the “girl in the sky”, that his mother searched for. Upon entering a small seaside town, he meets Misuzu Kamio, a girl who eagerly wants to become friend with him. Stuff happens, and they find themselves entangled in a story that began a thousand years before.

Of the Key Three, Air was actually my least favorite. In retrospect, I watched them exactly backwards. I should have watched Air first, then Kanon, then Clannad. Kanon was pretty good, and Clannad was something really special indeed. But oh well.

How Much Money Did Yukito Make?

The phrase is applicable here, but the dubs are scary. >_>

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