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I am mad scientist! It’s so cool!

Steins;Gate is the most bloody amazing show I’ve seen in a very, very long time. The first show we watched in 2013, and I seriously doubt I’m going to watch another show this year that I’ll enjoy more than I enjoyed Steins;Gate.

The story follows mad scientist KYOUMA HOUOUIN, (actually Rintarou Okabe,) founder of the Future Gadget Laboratory. He and his friends Mayuri Shiina and Itaru Hashida run the lab, where they’re working on the Phone Microwave, which can receive commands remotely via cell phone. One day, while attending a lecture about time travel, he finds a girl named Kurisu Makise lying down in a puddle of blood. When he sends a text message to Daru about the event, he feels a strange sensation, and people around him disappear. And then he bumps into Kurisu, alive and well. No-one else notices anything strange about this. He then realizes that the text he sent to Daru arrived — a week ago. Daru’s phone had been connected to the Phone Microwave at the time, and further experimentation confirms something amazing. They have accidentally invented a time machine that can send text messages to the past.

KYOUMA HOUOUIN (yes it needs to be allcaps because this dude is just that awesome) is one of the coolest, most well-written characters ever. And certainly the coolest scientist ever. (Sorry, Bill Nye.)

Steins;Gate also has one of the most downright shocking scenes ever. I haven’t gone “HOLY COW DID THAT JUST HAPPEN” that badly since ‘that scene’ in the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. I sat there for a little while with a stunned expression on my face before starting the next episode. And you know that time travel is inherently awesome as a science fiction concept. It’s very difficult to make time travel uncool. Back to the Future has been my favorite time travel story since basically forever, but this just might have changed that…

To date, exactly four animes have blown me away this much by their awesomeness. Sugar, Clannad, Disappearance, and now Steins;Gate.

So yeah. Go out and watch this immediately. If you don’t like it, I’ll eat a gel-bana.

Steins;Gate – Lab Coat Scene

A shining example of KYOUMA HOUOUIN’S awesome eccentricity.

I need a lab coat desperately.

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