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The 12 Games of Christmas – Day 11 – MDK2

“Hello, Earth. Who’s your daddy? Why, yes, I am.”

Day 11. The penultimate day. Tomorrow you will learn what the greatest game of all time is. But today, we come closer to it than ever before.

For those who haven’t played the first MDK, (which you should,) MDK2 starts out with a brief retelling of what happened. In the form of a comic book. With an EPIC narration.

The three main characters are Kurt Hectic, Max, and Dr. Fluke Hawkins. Kurt is a janitor, who never wanted to be a hero. Max is a robotic, six-legged dog that smokes cigars. Doc is an eccentric man of science. And they’re all busy celebrating their victory over the evil alien invaders. But of course, it’s not all over yet. There’s still another alien Minecrawler making a mess of Edmonton. (What’s a Minecrawler, you say? It’s like a tank. Only the size of an ENTIRE CITY.) So Kurt goes down to save the world. Again.

You can play as all three characters. Kurt is your sniper type. He goes around, sniping enemies from a distance. Max has six limbs. So obviously he has to hold a gun in EACH OF HIS FOUR HANDS. So he runs around shooting at everything in sight. All while smoking a cigar. You can’t get more awesome than that, folks. Finally, the Doctor solves puzzles. Being an old guy, he’s not terribly proficient in combat. Most of his time is spent with puzzles. His primary weapon is a toaster. A TOASTER INFUSED WITH SCIENCE.

The gameplay is fun. Brutally challenging, perhaps. But fun. (Well, not challenging for ME, of course…) The dialogue is extremely well written. I love it so much, I can replay, in my head, the entire game word-for-word. Seriously, I can. Try me.

The soundtrack is absolutely amazing. Electronica, woo! This was one of the earliest games that I went out and dug around in the game files to rip out the soundtrack. JUST LISTEN TO THAT.

MDK2 also officially has the coolest bad guy from all games ever.

MDK2 Wazzup

Remember this? This was like, one of my first videos on the blog here.

Buy it on Good Old Games! (Or Steam. But GOG comes with bonus stuff and is cheaper.)

Alternatively, you can get a new HD version with 2011 graphics from Beamdog. (I haven’t gotten the HD version yet, though. So I am not, as of yet, able to give it the Xbolt Seal of Quality.)

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