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The 12 Games of Christmas – Day 8 – Left 4 Dead

“Francis.” “Zoey.” “Francis?” “Zoey.” “Francis!” “Zoey!”

Left 4 Dead is a zombie shooter game. You run around, and you shoot lots of zombies. Many zombies. Lots of times. Over and over.


Each game is different. The AI Director runs in the background, monitoring what’s happening in the game, and spawns zombies in different locations all the time. The AI Director is always laughing at you. It throws lots of tough zombies at you at the most inopportune moments. Sometimes it is gracious, and gives you a healthkit. Followed by a Tank.

Left 4 Dead is unique on my list, as it is the only multiplayer-oriented game on here. A couple other ones have a multiplayer component, but singleplayer is the primary mode of play. (You CAN play Left 4 Dead by yourself, but it is recommended you find a few friends. The AI bots are useless.)

The game contains four full campaigns with five levels each. Plus two shorter ones. But if you get bored of playing those levels, there’s a whole flurry of addon campaigns just waiting for you to download them.

You know, it’s too bad they never made a sequel. That would have been great.

Francis Hates Left 4 Dead

My fiance and I play this game pretty much all the time. If we’re not out doing stuff together, we’re usually at home playing this. We have hundreds of hours of zombie slaying under our belts. We can run through all the levels in our sleep. (Really. We stayed up all night playing on New Years Day 2011, and we were NOT awake when we were playing our last campaign that day.)

She plays Zoey, and I play Francis. And we shoot zombies together.

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