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The 12 Games of Christmas – Day 7 – Return to Castle Wolfenstein


The year is 943 AD. Heinrich I is busy conquering Europe with his army of zombies. A helpful wizard seals Heinrich in a magic tomb, where he won’t be any trouble.

1943 AD. Nazis discover the tomb, and work on trying to resurrect Heinrich to win the war for them.

You are American special agent named B.J. Blazkowicz. Upon hearing about this plot, Allied intelligence sends you and another agent out to break up their fun, but you failed, and were captured. Your partner is killed, but you manage to escape and wreak havoc on the Nazi’s SS Paranormal Division.

The gameplay is some of the most fun out of all the games on this list. Lots of weapons, mostly actual ones used in World War II, but not all. Most of the time, you’re running around, gunning down Nazis. And zombies. Can’t forget them. Silly Nazis playing with black magic, what were they thinking?

Wolfenstein Cheese Van

I always feel bad when I shoot these two guys. :(

Buy it on Steam.

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