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The 12 Games of Christmas – Day 6 – Skyrim

“I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee…”

The Elder Scrolls series has been responsible for hundreds of lost hours.

A quick disclaimer: I may be biased toward Skyrim because it was just released last month, and I haven’t gone back and played Morrowind or Oblivion again yet. (I’ll revisit them when get my almost-wife to play them. (And despite what the fandom in general thinks, I really liked Oblivion.)) So my perspective may be a bit skewed. In any case though, Skyrim is a shining example of a great game.

Skyrim is a vast open-world role-playing game. There is a main storyline involving dragons (DRAGONS!) that you can follow, but you don’t have to. You can be all like “I don’t want to do any of that! I want to go in the opposite direction and kill people over there!” and the game’s all like “That’s cool.”

The game’s been out for just over a month, and I finally just started doing the main questline. There’s just SO MUCH TO DO.

My character is a fighter. A law-abiding citizen, he goes around clearing up trouble with his giant two-handed sword of +3 awesome. Always accompanying him is Extreme Mountain Horse, a loyal beast that has no trouble scaling vertical rock faces. After finishing an adventure, he goes back to his small home in Whiterun to see his lovely wife Ysolda, and sell off the loot he gathered. He keeps a huge collection of books in their house. Multiple copies of many of them. Ysolda doesn’t mind though; they’re all kept neatly in a chest.

Arrow In The Knee

Arrows in knees. The new criminal scum.

Buy it on Steam!

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