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The 12 Games of Christmas – Day 3 – Minecraft

“That’ssssss a nice everything you have there…”

When I was a lad, I built lots of stuff with Legos. (And when I wasn’t a lad.) Always impossibly big things that ate all of the Legos. Because building huge things is lots of fun.

Enter Minecraft.

Minecraft is about building things using cube-shaped blocks of different types. I like making things in Minecraft. On the server my friends play on, we like to build a sprawling underwater city. There have been six or seven of them over the last year, each one bigger than the last.

But it’s not all fun and games. There are nasty things that come out at night, and they love to break your stuff. Zombies punch you to death, skeletons shoot you with arrows, spiders bite you, endermen steal your blocks, and creepers blow you up. But what’s in your hand? I have it. It’s an iron sword. Look again. THE SWORD IS NOW DIAMONDS.

Or you could play Creative mode, and nothing bad will happen.

Minecraft Timelapse – Huge Train Station

Here’s an example of the crazy stuff people have made in Minecraft. And no, I haven’t made anything THAT big. Yet.

Buy it!

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