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Touhou Musou Kakyou: Episode 2

Touhou Anime Maikaze Ep. 2 Trailer

You may remember my glowing fanboyism over A Summer Day’s Dream.

After watching that, the only natural thing to say was: “When’s the next one coming out?”

I searched the Internet for an answer. To my surprise, I could find nothing other than people saying it had been canceled because ZUN didn’t want a Touhou anime. Something about that argument seemed fishy to me, because I thought the problem was that they had initially called it the “Touhou Anime Project”, and ZUN didn’t want unsuspecting people to mistake it for an official product, especially with the big-name seiyuus they had collected. I thought that when they changed the title to “Unofficial Touhou Doujin Anime”, everything was fine and they were happily continuing their project. The Internet didn’t think so, but I didn’t trust them.

I was right of course.

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