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Best of WVR #153

Deep-Sea Girl

I was very tempted to put up ne★gi instead of Deep-Sea Girl. Miku rocking out on acoustic is just epic. XD

In other news, my beloved Coward Mont Blanc was pushed out of the top 30 this week, after spending the last twenty on the charts.

All may not be lost though, for as you recall, this was Miku’s birthday week. Consequently, this was an extremely high-scoring week. 16th place had over 100,000 points. Indeed, Mont Blanc gained points over last week. So Mont Blanc may return after things calm down a bit.

If not, then it will still go down in the books as a milestone in the history of songs.

This week was also a milestone for me, personally. I now have more than 500 Vocaloid songs in my mega-playlist, totaling 36.2 hours of music, and 3.14 gigabytes of space.

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