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Best of WVR #146

Mosaic Roll

It finally happened.

GUMI has a #1 hit.

I must scream to the world, my excitement from the top of someplace very high!


*ahem* It’s rather fitting, really. This song was written by DECO*27, who was denied the #1 spot with Coward Mont Blanc. Even better, the PV is by akka, who also did the CMB PV. (Oh yeah, CMB jumped up 11 places from last week. Goodness all around!)

This song had 25,000 views when I first saw it on the day of its release. I knew this was going to be a hit, definitely top 5 material, possibly even top 3. But it ended up with 1.2 million points. That not only made it this week’s #1 song, but the second-biggest song of all time, just 300k points behind World’s End Dancehall.

It took a while, but I knew you could do it, GUMI.

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  • 1 WavatarAllen

    I can see this and CMB being big contenders for top song this year on Vocaloidism. Its about time Gumi gets #1. Let’s hope CMB and Mosiac Roll become regulars on the rankings.

  • 2 WavatarXbolt

    CMB has already been in the rankings for fourteen weeks, much longer than anything previous. And with Mosaic Roll’s outstanding performance this week, I think these two will stick around for a while longer.

    I’m just glad no chapeaus had to be consumed by me.

  • 3 WavatarSnailykins

    Just the animation itself is amazing!

  • 4 WavatarThe Blog of Xbolt » Best of WVR #198

    […] year ago this week, Mozaik Role propelled GUMI to the #1 spot. So even though it popped out of the top 30 this week, I got to hear […]

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