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Best of WVR #143

Omoide Kakera

Okay, I want the names of the smartalecs who thought it would be funny to mess with the rankings.

I started watching this week’s ranking, and CMB greeted me at #30. I thought: “Aw man, it’s almost gone!” But then I noticed that it actually gained points over last week.

So then I thought: “Oh, cool! This is going to be a high-scoring week.” A few songs later, I realized: “Hey wait a second… These songs are all from 2008. Okay, what?”

For some reason, half the songs in the top 30, songs which had been completely dead and rotten last week, suddenly sprung to life all over. I can think of no explanation other than somebody’s trollin’.

And on GUMI’s birthday week no less! I was right, there were a bunch of good birthday songs, but only a couple made it into the top 30. The rest were displaced by the zombie songs.

So! This week I’m going to make an exception to my rule of only posting songs from the top 30 here. Since the top 30 couldn’t be trusted, I extend the limit down some. The song above was #39.

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  • 1 WavatarAllen

    Some people are suspecting 2ch….some are suspecting some other group….that was a odd week. Let’s hope next ranking will be different.

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