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No, this isn’t about the Weird Al song. Note the use of two k’s in the title.

*cue groans as realization slowly sinks in*

Yes folks, we’re doing a Super Ievan Polkka Bash here! You can read (and watch) all about it after the break.

See, I’ve been planning on doing this ever since Megurine Luka appeared on the scene. I knew that both Miku and the twins had done a rendition of the song, and that Megurine Luka would probably sing one as well.

I was right of course, but the time between Luka coming, and when she sung Ievan Polkka, was several months. (Luka came out in January if you remember, and now it’s April.)

Now then, on to the actual music!

To start off, we have the original Hatsune Miku video, which I know you have all seen before. But it’s here for completeness.

Hatsune Miku sings “Ievan Polkka”

Next, we have Rin and Len Kagamine singing it: (Their voices sound more ‘real’ than Miku’s does, in my opinion.)

“Levan Polkka” (Kagamine Rin and Len)

And now, Megurine Luka: (The instrumental background music for her version is different from the other two. She also pronounces some words differently.)

Megurine Luka ~ Ievan Polkka

And to crown it all off, a bunch of lumberjacks! (Hey, Vocaloids aren’t the only ones who sing it, y’know.)

Ievan Polkka – Lumberjack band 1952

And with that, we wrap up today’s Super Ievan Polkka Bash. Tune in next week for Part II: Ievan Polkka… in Space!

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