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Team Fortress 2 – Epic Win

I just had the most epic round of Team Fortress 2 EVER. Seriously. My little post here will never be able to fully describe how totally awesome it was to witness it firsthand.

We were playing Dustbowl, and I was a BLU Medic. Not much of interest happened on the first two sections of the map, but as soon as we started the third section, things heated up immensely. We were having a lot of trouble breaking through to the first point. But eventually, our Demomen managed to take out the sentries, and we advanced down the hallway.

My brother (Super Searcher) set up his sentry in his favorite spot, covering the exit from the sewers, and I busied myself healing guys at the last corner before the RED base. I built up Uber after Uber, on Demomen, Soldiers, Pyros, anything. But nothing could put a dent in RED’s defenses. They had three Engineers, all with fully upgraded sentries. Demomen had carpets of stickies all over the point. So even when they were Ubered, our guys couldn’t get anywhere near their stuff for a long time.

We went on like that for over ten minutes, but eventually, their defenses started to crack. Their sentries went down, but we only had a minute left on the clock. We pushed forward, swarming the point before RED could put their shields back up. My Uber ran out, so I pulled out my saw, and started hewing away at anyone who got close enough. Ten seconds left on the clock. RED still doesn’t want to give up.

Five seconds left. Four. Three. Two. One. The point is still partially captured, so we go into overtime. The REDs are now starting to reappear from their spawn, desperate to evict us from their territory. I kill a Soldier with my saw, expecting death at any second. But what’s this? Our Pyros are spewing flames in the RED doors, keeping them busy, so they don’t immediately come down to the point. The last RED team member who was still standing on the point falls… DING! The Announcer, in her satisfied tone, declares: “Victory.” The fanfare plays as the few BLU survivors finish off the last of the REDs.

I laughed so hard after that, and congratulated the BLU team for that epicly awesome final push, and the RED team, for putting up such an awesome defense and having it hold so long. You all were great. :)

Or as the Soldier would say: “Every one of you deserves a medal!”

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