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Ievan Polkka

Ha! And you thought I wouldn’t make it on time again this week. There’s still an hour left of Tuesday! In your FACE!

Hatsune Miku sings “Ievan Polkka”

Today, we have Hatsune Miku singing Ievan Polkka. And swinging a leek around. And now, a more in-depth analysis:

Hatsune Miku is a robot. More specifically, she’s a computer generated singer, invented by some dudes from Japan. (They make a lot of cool tech over there, I’m told.)

And somebody, somewhere, decided to make her sing Ievan Polkka. Ievan Polkka is an old Finnish folk song, but the version that Miku sings is based on the version sung by the band Loituma, and they added some faux-Finnish in there. So what you hear is actually gibberish that sounds Finnish.

And the leek comes from Leek Spin, which is a website that loops the gibberish part continuously, while an anime girl spins a leek around continuously. It’s kinda hypnotic, actually…

Oh, and you see the About text over there on the right side of the page? That’s from this song. :D

There’s a whole bunch more songs that are sung by Miku, and I’m quite a big fan of hers. So it’s quite probable that you’ll see more of her in the future.

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