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I don’t believe it. I forgot YTT again… Maybe I should call it YouTube Wednesday… Oh well. I try.

This week, we have:

A snow Fairy, Sugar: Sugar Sugar

This is an AMV about Sugar: A Little Snow Fairy, and using the song Sugar Sugar.

Yes, all outward appearances indicate that I am insane. However! I make the claim that I am not insane. Yes, the show is cute as all get out. It’s a Japanese anime that involves tiny fairies who control the weather.

But the show goes much deeper than that. Unlike American cartoons, where every story is resolved within the last five minutes of every half-hour episode, Sugar has an engaging story that unfolds throughout the series. Many episodes, especially later in the series, end on a cliffhanger that leaves you fumbling for the next disc, eager to find out what happens. And then it all finally culminates in the final episodes, wrapping up the story completely, not leaving any loose ends hanging.

The characters are genuinely likable. From Saga, the calm, collected, and very smart girl, to Sugar, who is somewhat of a lovable airhead. You have Greta, who is always challenging Saga, wanting to be the best at everything. Phil, the future Mad Scientist. As well as all of Sugar’s other fairy friends.

I highly reccommend the series, really. A lot. Sugar: A Little Snow Fairy. Look it up. I also recommend eating waffles while watching. It may enhance the experience.

And in closing, I’ll give you a bonus Sugar video. (Maybe making up for me being late the past two weeks.)

Snow Fairy Sugar: “Waka Laka”

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