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STEALER Ok, this is pretty darn beautiful. I want to know more. Watashi kininarimasu.

Flower of Hell

TAMUSIC – 奈落の華 In our Left 4 Dead game last night, we survived an expert campaign using only a single pistol. ONE PISTOL. ON THE HARDEST SETTING. MLG pros here.


Yay, it’s new anime time again! Hyouka is about a guy named Houtarou Oreki. He tries to expend as little energy as possible. Even so, he is freakishly good at logical deduction. At the request of his older sister, he joins the Classics Club in high school. (Why is every anime about high school kids? […]

Round 1: FIGHT!

SYNC.ART’S – Lunatic Blaze A mashup of two eternal enemies’ themes. BLOODY BRILLIANT!

Desert Bus 6

DB6 – Derps. Yes folks, it’s that time of year again. Desert Bus trundles down the road — for the children.

The Things I Must Protect

豚乙女 – マモルベキモノ Meiling’s theme is good too.


MY BRAND! Why is this so funny? Tell me! WHY IS THIS SO DARN FUNNY?

Aurora of the Otherworld

MaxOfS2D – Aurora of the Otherworld I never knew until now that Max made music.


The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dragonborn – Official Trailer Bringing Netches back. And of course, as a PC gamer, it is my solemn duty to complain loudly that the EggsBox gets it all to itself for a month again.

Serenade of Love

Halozy – 恋のセレナーデ Still nice.