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Best of WVR #166

Poker Face P-p-p-poker fa- Oh wait no. This isn’t Lady Gaga. This is a million times better. This week saw the release of the demo version of Utatane Piko, which of course, samfree made use of. I guess there can’t be a Vocaloid release without him, huh? And… Oh hey, Montblanc! Where you been all […]

Minecraft Interstate

Minecart Interstate V3.0 [MineCraft] This video shows you just how large Minecraft is. Re: FREAKING HUGE.

Best of WVR #165

Once Upon A Me Epic Miku face is epic. Awesome PV is awesome. DECO*27 is the man. In other news, SP5 has wrapped up. Mozaik Role came in third place for the entire year, with a grand total 2,387,279 points. Which isn’t bad, considering it only had four months to accumulate those points. But what […]