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The Strongest Day

⑨Cirno’s Theme Remix⑨ Thursday is September 9th. 9/9. ⑨/⑨. Cirno Day. I’m going to celebrate by playing through her scenario in TH⑨: PoFV, followed by a hopeless attempt at Fairy Wars. What about you?

Best of WVR #152

Chloe In case you didn’t know, this was Lily’s release week. She’s not Gumi, but this song is not bad. Not bad at all.

Paranoia Agent

Paranoia Agent starts out like your typical detective story: A series of attacks by a mysterious assailant, known only as “Shounen Bat”. As Bat-Boy beats up more people with his golden bat, then rollerblades away from the scene, two detectives are on the case. And then, the story takes a turn for the weird. Somewhere […]