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Black★Rock Shooter

Yay stars!

Finally. First announced just shy of a year ago, the Black Rock Shooter anime has finally been released.

After that long wait, I was happy to see that the show was not horrible. It was good, and I liked it. But… It was too short! 50 minutes, that’s about the length of two standard anime episodes. (Of course, I knew it was going to be short beforehand, so most of my disappointment was had a few months ago.)

The anime has a slower pace than I would have expected. BRS being an action-y song, after all. A good portion of the show takes place in the “real world”, as opposed the the “BRS world”. However! The BRS scenes are very good, and I quite enjoyed them when they did appear. …Actually, the whole show seemed to be a prequel, setting up for a longer series later that would expand the BRS world. This is pure speculation on my part, and has no basis in any facts, other than my observations when watching the show. But I know I’m right, because I am always right about everything. (Hey! I heard that snickering!)

The music in the show is incredible, which was to be expected, since they got Mr. Ryo himself doing it. The real world music is calming, and the fight music is an epic metal/rock (heh) style. The backgrounds and animation are also top-tier.

Black Rock Shooter Ova – Trailer 2

This is the trailer for it. I’ve watched this a hundred times, so I immediately spotted the shots from the trailer when I watched the show.

This review also marks one full year since starting my column here. It hardly seems that long since I first started on this whole thing… I had watched only five animes when I wrote the review for Lucky Star. Now I stand at thirty-five. (Two of them have yet to have their reviews published.)

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